Trap Tribe is a monthly online membership, curated by Trap Yoga Bae, and designed for those who desire to take control of their lives by gaining the confidence and clarity needed to walk authentically as your best self and never apologize for it.  

If you’ve been wanting a life-changing experience that will renew your mind, body, and spirit…  

THIS is for you!  



Let Me Ask You...


Have you tried starting a wellness journey multiple times, but failed to stay committed?


Desperately want to set boundaries to create time and space for yourself again, but don’t know where to start?


You want to start doing yoga for your body and mind, but the shit seems boring? Or you don’t think you’re flexible enough?


You don’t have people around you to keep you accountable with tough love AND compassion?

Hi, I'm Britteny. You might also know me as Trap Yoga Bae.

You see the unfuckwitable confidence I have today?  

It wasn’t always the case for me.  

I know what it’s like to feel unworthy of living a peaceful life.  

It took me years to finally realize that I was in an abusive relationship with my ex-husband.  

It took another few to find the strength to leave.  

There are physical, mental, and emotional differences between the woman I was and the woman I am now.  

Today, I’m the woman who has broken free from everything that held me back.  

And I see you too!  

Since my traumatic past, I have spent so much time finding myself, forgiving myself and stepping into all that I have been called to be, while helping my Tribe do the same.  

In 2017, I traveled to Rishikesh, India on a journey to find myself and inner peace and left with more than I could have ever imagined-- I became a certified in Vinyasa Yoga instructor.  

In less than two years, I’ve taught in 7 different countries, leading 300,000 students worldwide, and passionate women like you have answered the call of this movement, revolutionizing what we envision self-care looks like.  

I’ve established global partnerships with brands Google, Saks Fifth Avenue, and ESSENCE to shift the paradigm of corporate cultures, bridging the gaps of diversity, cultural relevance, and inclusion.  

While traveling to teach yoga and empowerment over the last three years, I’ve met so many women who are where I was... I see your pained smiles. I hear your hope when you ask me how I did it.  

Now, I’m here to show you how.  

I'm hella excited to join you on your journey!



Receive curated Trap Yoga Videos, Ratchet Meditations and get access to exclusive Ratchet Affirmations Workshops each month.


Become a part of the Exclusive Trap Tribe Facebook group to get to know others within the tribe, join exclusive city meet-ups and gain an accountability partner.


Join me on Trap Tribe only live streams for advice, story time, live workshops and Q&A, to connect with me about your journey on my Trap Phone.


There are two levels of the Tribe to choose from, Solo Tribe and Tribe Gold

When you join Tribe Gold, you will get a curated self-help journey that includes monthly themed challenges to focus on a particular aspect of life, including mindset shifts, physical enhancements with guided yoga, and tools for building better relationships with yourself and others.

What’s a self-help and healing journey without accountability?  

You won’t be on this journey alone.  

You’ll be joined by women across the world who are answering the call to better self-care.  

It’s time to live your beautiful ass life with the Trap Tribe!


$19/mo (month to month) 



(that's 4 months for free!) 

  • Trap Yoga Videos in Vault  
  • Ratchet Meditations In Vault  
  • [BONUS] Mixtape Curated by DJ TrueStarr  
Join Solo Tribe (monthly) Join Solo Tribe (yearly)

$49/mo (month to month) 



($289 in savings!) 

  • Culturally Relevant Yoga Videos  
  • Ratchet Meditations  
  • Monthly Calendar  
  • Exclusive Facebook Support Group  
  •  Exclusive City Tribe Meet-Ups  
  • Live Monthly Q&A Session
  • Assigned Accountability Partner 
  • Live Check-In with Bae  
  • Unlimited Content Vault (Everything in SoloTribe) 
  • 2 Free Live Events Per Year (Yearly Subscription)
  • Early Access to TYB Releases
  • [BONUS] Mixtape Curated by DJ TrueStarr
Join Tribe Gold (monthly) Join Tribe Gold (yearly)

Not sure if the Trap Tribe is right for you?  

  • You are struggling to find yourself, your passion, your voice and/or happiness in life.  
  • You’ve found yourself struggling with meditation and staying fit, You are ready to establish consistency throughout their wellness journey.  
  • You want to be confident in who you are but not sure that you know who you are  
  • You are ready to do the work that it takes to experience true joy  
  • You have been in a dark and low place and need a community amazing people on their journey to support your through yours  

If these apply, you're in the right place!


How do I know which membership level is right for me?If you want access to all of the content and want to curate your own journey, "Solo Tribe" is for you. If you want a tribe of accountability partners, curated game plan, exclusive access to TYB releases and support straight from Trap Yoga Bae, Tribe Gold is for you.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment time? No, the Trap Tribe is a subscription-based service meaning no contracts no commitment and you can cancel when you feel like you need a break or are ready to.

I was a part of the Trap Tribe before 1/1/2020 what does that mean for my membership? If you were an early tribe member, you have been “day oned” aka grandfathered in. As a thank you for your loyalty, you have been given access to the trap tribe as a Tribe Gold member. Your price will never change as long as there is no lapse in membership. 

I am not good at yoga, will I be able to do the videos?Absolutely! The videos are all levels, designed for those who have never practiced before and want to learn yoga in an easy to follow, fun way. 

There’s so much I want to change about my life, I don’t know where to begin. I’m overwhelmed, and don’t know where to start! You are exactly where you need to be! Wanting to start is the first step and the trap Tribe is very carefully curated, so you will know exactly what to do. Joining at the Tribe Gold level gets you access to a community to help guide you for when you feel lost. 

Will I learn something new each month? Our content will be fresh enough for you to apply new principles but also giving you the space needed to continue practicing and implementing what you have learned. 

Will I be on this self-care journey alone?The journey of self-care and self-love is ongoing, and as you grow in one area, you gain the skills to enhance in another. The Trap Tribe is there to support you in your revelations that happens, while you deepen your understanding of self and 

How much time will I need to commit to the journey?All content range from 5-30 minutes, and will be available as an app on your phone. The more active and invested you are, the greater depth or results you will experience. However, It is up to you to find balance with all the other dope shit you have going on. ( And I will help you get rid of the fuck shit sucking up your time)

I am on the go a lot or I don't have a computer can I still do it? The Trap Tribe content will be available for as a full site and an iOS app. You can do it anywhere, even download the content for offline!

I have a really hard time staying committed to online programs, how can I be sure that I will keep up with this one? I know commitment is tough, especially when it is something you can easily stop logging into or feel like you don't anything riding on it. Now, while I can't promise you that you will show up. I can say that I have made super engaging, life-changing content, that we have an online accountability group where you can find a tribe member to be your accountability partner, that we have check-in calls, emails, texts, and a ton of ways to stay connected and engaged. But none of this means shit if YOU DON"T MAKE THE DECISION TO SHOW TF UP. I think you are worthy of the time and energy it takes to build a better life. Do you? Whether you decide to join now or later, we are ready to receive you and support you, but only after you decide to do it for yourself.